stair tube railing

Home Indoor Stair Tube Railing

    This is our classical tube type railing,you can install all railing without welding,just need to install by screws.
    Our design features curved stainless steel rod with a curved top mounted handrail. All of the stainless steel was chosen to come in a brushed finish, tying in nicely with the rest of the homeowner’s style and decor.A curved staircase received a new modern look with the help of PEMCO. Stair tube railing.

Project Location: In Los Angeles

Items: Stainless Steel Tube Railing
Time: May, 2020
Meterials: 304 Stainless Steel
Surface Finish: Brushed Finish

tube railing case 2
tube railing case 3
tube railing case 4
tube railing case 5

Related Hardware

Except Tube Post,we have to install total railing with other hardwares,like the top handrail connectors,End Cap…Etc.

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